Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Edinburgh is far from London.

Things we have learnt from our first mini tour:

Scotland is far from london. Very far.
Sound engineers like getting naked. (well, at least our soundman bars does).
Eating curry at 3am after having no food since breakfast = bad gut rot the next day.
Bad gut rot the next day = bad smells in the tour bus that won't go away.
Folk fans secretly like us.
Some people say "I really liked your show" by shouting "wankers".
Bottles of Vodka will smash if they fall out of the van, no matter how big they are.
Asda cafes are shiiiit.
Police don't like big white vans driving round London late at night.
You can't get DVT from sitting in a van for 10hrs.


Thursday, 9 August 2007



YESTERDAY we played instore at the new Rough Trade store in Brick Lane and sold the first 50 copies of Nightmare!

TODAY we are in the studio again finishing the tracking for 'Money on the Fire', which is sounding sick!

TOMMOROW we start our first tour!

We will be playing here:

Aug 10 Year Zero Club @ Proud Galleries Camden, London
Aug 11 Leeds Faversham
Aug 12 Manchester Roadhouse (All Dayer)
Aug 13 Edinburgh Festival @ liquid rooms w\ Duke Special
Aug 16 Nottingham Social

We will have T-Shirts and Badges for sale at all dates so come down for some more of this!

Also, Look out for the Video for Nightmare on MTV2 now!


Saturday, 4 August 2007

Blood, GUts, Zombies, Brains, Balls and Brawn.

buy it. just buy it.

seriously. buy it.

Sunny days inside. . .

We are over in St. John's wood at the fantastic RAK studio to record our second single "Money on the Fire" with Dimitri Tikovoi. Long days and loud noises, but I wouldn't have it any other way. (except the long days...)
It seems that everytime we venture into the studio to record some new stuff the sun decides to come out in full force, so thank us for this beautiful weather!!
Speaker Junk are co-producing the new track and are adding thier wonky wibbly bass as I type this. You have to hear it to believe how mad these sounds are! But you'll have to wait. (at least until november) Check out some of their stuff here.
Just for kicks, here are some pic's of what we are getting up to: