Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Don't fuck with Twisted Sister

This is Dee Snyder gettin heavy on some Douche who tried to fuck with him... just cos he has pink trousers and a blonde perm!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

News Nu's Noo's Nhoes

Yes. We have been keeping a slightly low profile for a while due to writing the ultimate KICK ASS album. The kinda shit that keeps you awake at night like some kind of filthy pervert twitching the curtains in his string vest and soiled pants.
We WILL release another single in the foreseeable future, and definately have a few dance floor killers comin your way... and some sexy ballads.... slow jams???
We've also been busy remixing and have an awesome filthy re-jigg of Outcry Collectives - New Franchise Mess. Its gonna be off the scale.
In the meantime, check out our dates on our page and come see us play.... I hear the HOX TO DOT is gonna fucking hot!


The lady at Luton Pizza Express is a VERT crude woman

We played Club NME in Luton last week and had lots of big bastard fun. I bought a chicken a stick, had one bite and thought I was gonna hurl.... so, after the smell of it had almost made everyone else in the car hurl, should we have been surprised that when offering the remaining chicken on a stick to Barney that his eyes would light up like a small child reunited with its parents after being kidnapped, gagged, ***** (is that inappropriate?) and released ONLY when the ransom had been handed over? No, and thats why we love him.
Anywrrrr, check a review of our show by clicking the inside of barneys stoumach;


Sunday, 11 May 2008

Nike Dunk Be True Exhibition

A couple of months ago Doran was asked by Carri Mundane (Cassette Playa) to be a part of the nike dunk be true exhibtion.
It was on show till the 27th of April at the Loading Bay Gallery in Brick Lane with a whole load of other portraits taken by Neil Bedford, and illustrated over by Kate Moross.

This is what the people in charge say about it;
"The exhibition brings to life the impact of the dunk and conveys London's current and increasing commitment to self expression through style, through colour and through collaboration," explains a spokesman for the label.
Here's a few of the other portraits featured in the exhibition;

Doran was also asked to design his own nike dunk..... but they didn't have a gold option so had to do his "kind of dream shoe".
Soon as he's aloud to go get it we'll post it!

Also, just found his picture is featured on the vogue website!