Monday, 30 June 2008

Milan Made Me Wet.

Milan rules.
Its hot, the people there are nice, the crowds go off the hook, the coffee make my eyes hurt in the way that only good coffee can and the Paninis flow like the water of the Lambro River.

Apart from being one of the hottest gigs we have played in quite awhile (in terms of heat, and murphy's new moves....) the gig we played for "London Loves" is top of my list for fun. By half way through the second tune we had a healthy pit going (in a dance club!), this only got better as i witnessed for the first time someone crowd surfing using just 2 of his mates for support and the head of an unfortunate female bystander. Good work!
Thanks to all those who came, especially the 2 kids at the front with our t-shirts who sand our entire set back to us, and the briliant promoters that looked after us so well during our stay and showed us where to buy the best ice cream i have ever had the good fortune to drip down my front. Boom.


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